Sunday, 4 July 2010

Renovating a Raleigh Twenty: Part 3 - Progress Update

So here is a photo of where I've reached so far. She's ready to roll. For comparison, below is how she looked when I bought her.

So far, I've done the following:

1. Cost of bike: £10
2. Remove kickstand and chainguard
3. Washed her. Removed down tube and seat tube labels. I'm still rubbing off the gummy sticker backing. It comes off with meths and elbow grease - doing it bit by bit
4. New gear cable and indicator protector cap: £5
5. Adjusted gear cable and lubed hub for smooth shifting
6. Dismantled forks and headset, spray frame saver inside forks, steerer and head tube
7. Serviced headset, with fresh ball bearings: £1
8. Changed pedals (I had some in my parts box)
9. Replace front rim and serviced hub: £18
10. New tyres front and back: £20
11. Alloy seat tube (the saddle is one I had lying around): £10
12. New rear brake cable: £5
13. Cleaned front brake cable and fitted new Dia Compe dual pivot calipers (photo below): £12

She's now a real pleasure to ride. Weight has reduced by 1.1kg so far (is currently ~14kg including the rack and pedals). Front braking is very good now and the back brake is satisfactory too. My 8 year old son and my wife love just riding about for the sake of it.

To dos:

1. Rear rim replacement
2. New rear brake
3. Strip and service bottom bracket
4. New chain

Still not sure about replacing the handlebars - they feel so chrome cruiser cool!

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