Saturday, 16 August 2014

The best way to seal Cyclocross Tyres? SeamSure v SeamGrip v Copydex

I may have finally found the best way to seal quality CX tyres like Challenge open tubular (clinchers). In a previous post, I compared Copydex glue with SeamGrip. Both work, but Copydex peels after a while and the SeamGrip is really gloopy and messy to apply. Water based SeamSure is way easier to apply:
It's a milky solution that is dead easy to brush on to the sidewalls of the tyres. Added bonus is that you can wash up with warm water and soap. It actually comes in a bottle with an integrated brush, but I didn't bother with that, and instead used a better quality half inch wide paintbrush.

According to the package literature:
"Seam Sure is a fast drying water based urethane formula designed for sealing sewn seams on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates. Seam Sure dries to a clear, flexible, long lasting film with a nearly invisible, non-gloss finish. Seam Sure is washable, dry-cleanable and freeze/thaw stable". 
Now doesn't that sound perfect for CX tyres?
Amazingly easy to apply and it does indeed dry almost invisible, with a matt finish. The only question then is how will it survive the cyclocross season? I will find out over the next months and let you know.