Sunday, 9 December 2012

Round 10 Wessex CX League - NHRC at War Memorial Park, Basingstoke

North Hampshire Road Club created a superb course for Round 10, which was also the South of England cyclocross championships. The start of the JVW race was given a staggered treatment. Juniors off first, then V40-49, V50+ and W, each group starting a few seconds after the previous one. Here, the finish line and timekeeping tent.

When the seniors came by, Steve James and Adrian Lansley (who eventually finished 1st and 2nd) made this off camber section look really easy. It was NOT for the less skilled riders - like me!
They simply flew round it, whereas others would go round gingerly, or take less efficient lines.
There was a bank on the far side, which you had to build a lot of speed in the run up in order to climb it. Many riders came a cropper on it, normally near the top, as their speed ran out, and then they, slipped down because it was steep. The corner below was a lot of fun!
Part of the course went through a BMX track, which was totally fantastic. Also a grindy bit through mud and leaves in the woods, with a bit of a drag, and the obligatory banana skin tree roots. Even the hurdles were placed "thoughtfully" - after a slightly uphill left hander, then over the hurdles into a running right hander, not easy to remount unless you run on a bit. Yep, it was proper cyclocross today!