Sunday, 4 July 2010

Iceni Road Frame

Recently, I bought a frame from Askew Cycles in Cumbria. It was excellent value for money and I built it up into the bike shown above - there are more Photos of the bike here. A triple on the front and 9 speed at the back, with a wide spread of gears. It handles really well, and for touring, I like the down tube shifters because it's simpler, easier to fix if it goes wrong on tour, and forces you to change hand positions which is good for long rides (don't misunderstand, I love Ergos and STIs too).

Sadly, there was insufficient clearance for full-size mudguards and the rear dual pivot caliper arms would interfere with a pannier rack. A bit irritating because the frame has mudguard and rack eyes! Nevertheless, it's a great bike, surefooted and stable up 73kmh (which is as fast I dare go on it!).

I'll use it for "saddlebag touring".

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