Monday, 5 July 2010

Iceni Road Bike Photographs

In an earlier blog post, I explained that I'd bought this frame from Askew Cycles, and built it up from that. Here are some more images of the bike.

A view more from the front. Do you like the orange handlebar tape? Not to everyone's taste, I suspect!

It's a Reynolds 520 frame, which I think is the same as good old weldable Chro-Moly 4130. The Reynolds site says that it is similar in properties to old 531. Well I'm not sure about "standard" or touring types of 531, but my view is that 531C feels a bit springier, whereas 520 feels more "solid" in comparison. Still feels great though. Just my view.

Selle San Marco Rolls saddle, which I find very comfortable, and Lezyne saddlepack, which is nicely made and well designed.

The view from the "driving seat".

Stronglight Impact Triple chainset 28-38-50, the middle and outer rings are alloy, the inner one is steel.

Tektro brake levers, pedals Shimano SPD one side/flat other side, and Shimano 105 brakes front and rear. The whole bike cost me just under £500 in total for the frame and all parts. I dunno how long I spent building her, but I enjoyed every minute! Less than 1000 miles on the clock so far and a number of day rides of over 60km. She's a comfortable climber with lowest gear of about 23 inches (28T front, 32T back), also pretty nippy.


  1. hi, just about to build one of these up myself. Do you remember what size seat post you used? Doesn't seem to be a regular 27.2mm



  2. ...i should mention, yours looks great. Hoping I can get mine to the same standard!

  3. Hi loz, thanks for the comments. On mine, a 27.2mm seat post fitted fine. This bike has now been converted into my dedicated TT rig, I need to post some photos, because it looks quite different now.

  4. Hi, after finding your blog, I found a bargain iceni frame on eBay in my size. I've built it up with salvaged parts from another bike, and I'm curious how you used Shimano 105 brakes, as with my shimano 105, I don't seem to have enough reach due to the mudguard clearance.