Sunday, 12 January 2014

British Cyclocross Championships 2014, Derby

The best of UK cyclocross talent were at Moorways Leisure centre today. Here are some photos from the elite mens race. The pit is always a busy place:
Power washers at work. I wonder what's in the yellow wheelie bin...

 Ian Bibby getting down. Now that's not a Genesis bike, is it? It be a Ridley.

Salsa in the mud. Look at those feet go! 

Balletic movement by Ian Field. Total concentration he was, all day, on the way to what I think is a threepeat national title. 

Mucky sticky mud everywhere, causing errors. But he was probably thinking "this is not as nasty as Namur!"

Take a look at Ian Field's Focus (yes, that's a Specialized, but I was referring to his eyes, not the bike brand!).

 He made it look so easy... He dealt with the pressure really well. It's tough at the top!!

 Nick Craig, proper punchy power.

 I love this picture. This is what Cyclocross is about!

 Hargroves lead out on to the "dancefloor".

 Stu Bowers getting shouted at:

Vicious Velo, looking well vicious. 

Yep, an interesting day out (remember to take a spare pair of shoes though!)  Plus there was the womens event (won by Helen Wyman, her 8th title), Juniors and U23 (which we missed). All this for the price of a small donation to the local Scout organisation - you've gotta go watch some cyclocross. 

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