Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How to remove grass from Velcro

One of the frustrations of cycling on freshly cut grass is the mess the clippings make. Drivetrain and shoes get completely clogged up, especially when it's wet. A huge hassle to clean up later. Even after washing it off shoes, it remains ingrained, stuck in the hooky parts of Velcro straps. To see what I mean, look at the shoe on the left below:
A nice way to remove this grass and vegetation is to brush it out with another piece of Velcro. Use the hooky side of another piece. You can see this "brush" in the photo above: it's the white Velcro sticky dot between the shoes. It works really well, the hooks get right in there, and doesn't really damage the strap as long as you're gentle. The grass on the strap on the right hand shoe has been cleaned using this method, the one on the left is still to be done.

A useful tip I hope.


  1. That is just so simple, and so smart. Thanks for posting!

    Is there any advantage to using the tiny Velcro dot versus a larger piece? or was the dot just what you had available?

    Jason Nunemaker

  2. Ah great, a fellow Raleigh 20 fan! Hi Jason, mind if I follow your blog? The dot was just what I had to hand. A bigger piece would have been even better, I'm sure.

  3. Sure, Chuck... follow away. Anyone who can put up with my chattering is welcome. :-)

    I'm a rank amateur when it comes to the Raleigh Twenty, though -- just happened to find one and knew it was worth grabbing thanks to the work of the late, great Sheldon Brown. A friend tipped me off to your blog as a good source of Twenty information, and I've been reading (more like "devouring") it ever since.