Wednesday, 20 June 2012

BSA 20, Raleigh Twenty clone

Since my beige colour Raleigh folder is with a cousin for use as a commuter, I recently picked up another bargain. It's a green, non-folding BSA 20 and this is how it looked on purchase:
The hub stamp and frame number indicates its an early 1978 model. That's the year of the film Grease, the hits Night Fever by the Bee Gees and Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.

I've yet to decide what to do with it exactly. As I've been saying for many years, the Raleigh Twenty to a bike nut, is like a blank canvas to an artist. So far, I've merely pumped up the tyres, changed the rear brake inner cable (it was jammed with corrosion), oiled the hub, adjusted the toggle chain and generally lubed all round. Oh, and I did spend a fair amount of time unravelling a great deal of yellow knitting wool that I found wrapped around the rear hub and drivetrain. That's a new one for me!

Anyway, now I have a fully working, pottering bike for the grand sum of £15, plus cost of an inner cable.

So many possibilities... Perhaps I should start off with a strip and powder coat?


  1. I have a BSA version that used to belong to my nan and faithly gets me to work everyday.. I have had to change the back wheel for a BMX wheel as the wheel was deceased, the single speed is fine, my version has a front basket and a rear rack with an old shopping basket bolted on and is perfect for my shopping, gym kit etc but the best thing is the look of pure horror when I pull next to a MAMIL on his polished racer and give him a frendily knod..classic.. enjoy the twenty

  2. just purchased a 1970 twenty at a yard sale all original,in very good condition its white,paid $20.00.. did i pay too much? it rides beautifly

  3. Hi there I've just purchased my second BSA 20 which is also in green and maybe the paintwork is a little worst than your bike, I fix bikes in my spare time but I would urge you not to have it resprayed as you lose one of its main characters and it also devalues the bike as you can never get this original paint back, anyone who loves these bikes will surely appreciate its original coat of paint,I love restoring these old bikes from my chidhood but it kills me (and I think the bike) to see them with modern paint so you've got a little gem mate try and keep it real....have fun.