Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cyclocross wheels from Hewitt

A year on, the folding bike wheels that Hewitt built up for me are still going strong. They are in daily use, straight as they were the day they arrived, with no loose or broken spokes. Filled with that confidence, I decided to get my primary CX racing wheels made by them too. First, I de-spoked my Shimano 105 hubs from their old, worn, Mavic MA3 rims, and serviced them. Front hub:
 Then the rear one. I tend to open the nuts on one side only, and then draw the axle out.
The balls were ok, just needed stripping, cleaning, re-greasing and re-assembly. I tried to work some thick oil into the freewheel too.
A few weeks later, beautifully built by Hewitt on Mavic CXP33 rims:
 The spoke lacing and tension is simply excellent.
Hewitt have a reputation for quality wheels for a good reason. I can't wait to ride them and will update this post after I have done so.

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